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Why Leading Brands Choose Measured

Pioneers in incrementality
Pioneers in incrementality

Pioneers in

With over a decade of unmatched expertise, we've deployed 25k+ experiments for 150+ brands, optimizing over $20B in media investments. Our depth and breadth of learnings is now your competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Intelligence
Comprehensive Intelligence


By calibrating media mix models with incrementality test results and platform attribution signals, Measured brands get a complete view of their media portfolio that’s fast, accurate, and actionable.

End-to-End Automation
End-to-End Automation

End to End

By leveraging rigorous data-science and AI-enabled workflows, Measured gives marketers the power of an enterprise measurement technology stack that’s accessible and easy to plug into day-to-day operations.

Marketing-led growth starts with trustworthy, independent measurement

Measured reveals the powerful insights brands need to prove the impact of media, make confidence budget allocations, and stay ahead of the ever-changing media landscape.

Full-funnel measurement and optimization

Full-funnel measurement
and optimization

  • Measure your media’s incremental impact with the comprehensive causal insights delivered through our Cross-Channel Dashboard.
  • Allocate your budget effectively by exploring ‘what-if’ scenarios with our Media Plan Optimizer, ensuring its alignment to your business objectives.
  • See how your brand’s media performance stacks up to the competition in your industry with intelligent Benchmarks.
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incrementality testing

Incrementality Testing

  • Integrate geo testing into your existing marketing measurement practice
  • Deploy advanced geo and audience experiments in minutes
  • Calibrate in-house or 3rd party media mix models with causal test results
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Whatever your role, Measured will answer your key questions

  • Executives
    Is advertising helping us achieve our business objectives? How much revenue is really driven by marketing spend? Should we spend more on advertising? Is marketing driving acquisition, retention, or both?
  • Growth Marketers
    How can I prove that marketing is driving sales? How many net-new sales is each channel actually driving? What’s the optimal budget for each channel? Should we be scaling into new channels?
  • Channel Managers
    How can I prove that my channel is driving sales? How can I reallocate my budget to drive more sales? Is there room to invest more in my channel? Which adsets and campaigns are driving more business?
  • Marketing Analysts
    How can we save time managing data streams? What’s an easy way to create forecasting and analysis models? How can I make media performance insights more actionable for the organization? How can we verify marketing spend and performance data?

Get answers to your top marketing questions

Measure the impact of all your advertising against a common business objective

Incrementality allows you to see which media investments are contributing to your preferred KPIs in a directly comparable way, so you can make meaningful business decisions.

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Track your media metrics against leading brands in your category

Compare your brand’s channel allocation, media costs, incremental ROAS, CPO, and more, against 100+ category-leading consumer brands with the Measured Benchmarks dashboard.

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Automate your most important marketing reports

Save time with dashboards that provide a full-funnel view into how marketing is driving business outcomes - reconciled daily with your sales transaction data.

Learn about Cross Channel Reporting

Measure performance with metrics that matter

Accurately track how media spend drives real business outcomes at each stage of the funnel–every day, across all channels.

Learn more about Cross Channel Attribution

Allocate spend for maximum

Regularly hit your efficiency, growth, and retention targets thanks to automated, customized spend recommendations.

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Spend less time managing, more time marketing

Automate measurement, planning, reporting and more with a fully-managed data hub, making it easy to generate daily in-platform dashboards.

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Beat the algorithms with incrementality

Reveal which campaigns, channels and ads are actually driving conversions so you can optimize for maximum ROAS.

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Scenario plan like the pro that you are

Use incrementality-powered optimization to compare likely outcomes for multiple campaign allocation plans.

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Track your media metrics against similar brands

Compare your brand’s channel allocation, media costs, incremental ROAS, CPO, and more, against 100+ category-leading consumer brands with the Measured Benchmarks dashboard.

Learn more about Benchmarks

Access your brand data the way you want it

Track sales, centralize data, and manage budgets without the headache of data management. Enjoy five different ways to access, organize, and export data to set up an ideal analytics process.

Learn more about Cross Channel Attribution

Save time pulling data from every partner and vendor

Integrated with 300+ data sources, Measured automatically manages ETL, taxonomy, and incrementality values for all your marketing, transaction, and customer data, delivered in a ready-to-use package.

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Full advanced analytics with ‘gold standard’ incrementality

Rapidly inform BI tools, media mix models, regression analysis, and forecasting models with accurate, up-to-date data.

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