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Watch the Incrementality Insights Session for an overview of the challenges with Facebook measurement and some recommended approaches, as well as real examples of use cases for DTC brands.
We brought together two of our most popular client discussion topics: Facebook incrementality and Geo match-market testing. Watch the session as our experts explore these topics including:
  • The challenges of measuring Facebook in a post iOS 14.5 world.
  • How to build a culture of experimentation that enables your brand to adapt to the regulatory changes.
  • Real examples of how DTC brands are using geo experimentation to uncover the true contribution of their most important tactics, including Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Prospecting, and PLA Shopping.
Watch the Incrementality Insights Session for an overview of the geo test methodology, a live demo of geo-experiment design, and a case study.
Live discussion about the impact of iOS 14.5 on Facebook advertising performance.
In this session we will explore the nuances and set out some best practices for running incrementality and lift measurement studies.
Retina and Measured discuss how to use customer lifetime value metrics for incrementality measurement.
Incrementality measurement is digital marketers’ new source of truth

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