State of DTC Marketing Measurement


Are you spending more time wrangling data and building performance reports than other marketers? How does your ad spend and media mix stack up?

Alex Faherty (CEO, Faherty Brands), Stephanie Bregman (VP of Marketing, 4Ocean) and Steven Johnson (Director, Performance Marketing, Vuori) joined a live webinar with audience Q&A to unpack the insights and trends revealed in the 2022 State of DTC Marketing Measurement Report published by Sequent Partners and Measured.

About the Report:

The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically during the past 18 months. As new data-privacy rules and increasing restrictions on user-level tracking render last-click and multi-touch attribution (MTA) ineffective, marketers are searching for reliable ways to measure performance and optimize media spend.

Measured partnered with Sequent Partners to conduct a comprehensive survey of 300+ marketers at director level and above at brands with direct to consumer channels. This report explores how marketers are dealing with current challenges in media measurement and what investments they are prioritizing for the future.