Secrets to Omnichannel Success: What Gets Measured Gets Optimized


Find out why direct mail is currently the highest channel for ROAS at 2.7 dollars

Are you missing out on sales you could be getting through direct mail? Do you know what mix of channels will maximize your ROAS?

Join Ray Van Iterson, Marketing Strategist at USPS, Ellen Pullman, Enterprise Director of Brands at Gardens Alive, and Cara Manion, Sr. Product Manager at Measured, to learn how offline media can supercharge digital campaigns and how to measure the true business impact across channels.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why use multiple channels?
  • What are traditional approaches to measurement in different channels and can any be used across all channels?
  • What options are there to measure multichannel effectiveness?
  • How can direct mailers measure their offline campaigns using digital approaches?
  • How have recent data-privacy trends impacted measurement approaches?