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Strike the Right Balance Between Prospecting and Retargeting

Learn why incrementality is better than click and view-through rates for measuring retargeting – and how it helps optimize investments in prospecting versus retargeting.

Retargeting Incrementality Measurement

Are you over-invested in retargeting? How an in-market experimentation approach can help strike the retargeting balance.

Impact of the iOS14 Update

Learn about how the loss of IDFA will impact campaign tracking and attribution for apps and the web.

Facebook Incrementality Measurement

Learn how to reveal the incremental contribution of your media and how to scale effectively into Facebook.

Measured – Test and Learn for Scale

Learn how to use control testing and testing to understand your media saturation curves and identify opportunities for scale.

Landing a Source of Truth Cross-Channel Media Reporting Dashboard

Explore the challenges of creating a cross-channel media dashboard and benefits of having a single source of truth for investment decisions.

Measured COVID Ecommerce Marketing Insights

Learn how brands have adapted strategies due to the pandemic and get notable statistics revealed by a cross channel view of the media mix.

Measured COVID-19 Marketing Intelligence Report

Learn three very different strategies brands adopted in response to the crisis and which ones actually worked.

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