Brand Success Story: J.McLaughlin + Wpromote

While we can wax lyrical about incrementality lift testing and accurate marketing attribution, we thought today we would let our customers speak for themselves. 

Why have hundreds of consumer brands trusted Measured to help optimize $10 billion+ in ad spend since 2017?

Amanda Siam, account director at digital marketing agency Wpromote, explains how their client J. McLaughlin used Measured to test different platforms and tactics and understand what's driving business impact. 

“I really find it valuable to our day-to-day job and it definitely helps us be better business partners to our clients.”

Brands get clarity with Measured

Understand and compare the true business impact of media spend of every campaign. Curious about how you stack up against other brands? You can compare your brand’s media spend, budget allocation, media costs, and ROI against the entire Measured portfolio.

Measured works with agencies and brands together

Measured helps drive agency-brand alignment by working with both. 

A test-and-learn mentality is key to growth

Brands can use incrementality attribution to reallocate media budget in minutes, maximize efficiency, and find new ways to grow. Those who shift to incrementality with Measured see upwards of 8% increase in incremental sales in 3 months. 

Ready to see how Measured can help your brand? Find out today by scheduling a demo.