Brand Success Story: Chameleon Collective, Lord & Taylor, Vera Bradley + New York & Company

Have you ever heard the phrase comparing apples to orangesThat's what it can feel like when using multiple analytics tools or reporting platforms to gauge the performance of marketing campaigns—you'll never get a straight, one-to-one comparison.  

So, how do you get accurate results you can trust? Incrementality lift testing with Measured enables you to cut through the confusion to gauge the true success of your campaigns. 

Daniel Pahl, VP of Growth Marketing at Chameleon Collective, a consulting and marketing services firm, discovered that when he implemented Measured, he was able to cut acquisition costs and double the ROAS for major fashion brands Lord & Taylor, Vera Bradley, and New York & Company.

"I see great improvements in efficiency for all brands I've ever implemented Measured with."

Brands get clarity with Measured

Understand and compare the true business impact of media spend on every campaign. Curious about how you stack up against other brands? You can compare your brand's media spend, budget allocation, media costs, and ROI against the entire Measured portfolio.

Measured works with agencies and brands together 

Brands can use incrementality attribution to reallocate media budget in minutes, maximize efficiency, and find new ways to grow. Those who shift to incrementality with Measured see upwards 8% increase in incremental sales in 3 months. 

Measured helps drive agency-brand alignment by working with both. Ready to see how? Find out today by scheduling a demo.