Unify Your Marketing Data + Incrementality Measurement

Easily Integrate with 100+ Marketing Partners & Get Award-Winning Attribution and Measurement Tool
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Unify Your Marketing Data + Incrementality Measurement

Easily Integrate with 100+ Marketing Partners & Get Award-Winning Attribution and Measurement Tool

Best Measurement or Analytics Capability

The AdExchanger Awards 2020

Best Measurement or Analytics Capability

Digiday Technology Awards Winner 2020

Best Measurement or Analytics Capability

The AdExchanger Awards 2020

Best Attribution Tool

Digiday Technology Awards Winner 2020

Great Brands Trust Measured


"Measured has been the most valuable marketing technology partnership we've added in 2020."

Daniel Pahl

Vice President of Media & Acquisition

Brentwood & Associates

"Measured has proven to be a valuable strategic partner helping us understand the incrementality and contribution of each of our ad channels."

Jay Sung

Operating Partner, CMO

Faherty Brand

"Working with Measured since 2018, we have seen first hand the value of their technology and services. They are great people dedicated to our success"

Alex Faherty


Soft Surroundings

"The speed with which we've been able to gain insights into our marketing decisions has been amazing."

Gail Buffington

Vice President of Marketing & Analytics

Johnny Was

"In the first 18 months of working with Measured, we doubled our online business."

Rob Trauber


HIG Growth

"Measured has solved the cross channel attribution problem through a creative approach anchored on really smart experimentation."

Mark Fiske

Operating Partner, Marketing

Future Proof Approach for Smarter Media Investment Decisions

Modern Incrementality Attribution

True causal incremental media contribution, scale insights and forecasting capabilities based on an innovative and transparent experimentation approach.

Speed to Insights - Less Than 30 Days

Technical operations experts to help onboard a brand for quick and hassle-free implementation. Intuitive interface for ease of use.

40% Less Expensive than Legacy Products

Innovations in data quality checks, process and insight readouts makes Measured less expensive than legacy solutions in-market.

What is Incrementality Testing?

Incrementality Testing is a proven experimental approach for measuring the incremental contribution of media. Tests are executed by systematically withholding ad exposure to a representative subset,  or “cohort,” of the target audience (the control group) while maintaining normal ad exposure to the broader audience set (the test group). As long as the control group is selected at random and sizable enough to be statistically significant, then the incremental contribution of the media can be determined by the difference in performance results (conversion, revenue, profitability, etc.) between the test and control groups.

The Measured Intelligence Suite™ of Products for Marketing Attribution

The Measured Intelligence Suite is incrementality measurement software designed to grow with your business. We execute comprehensive, repeatable, and transparent experiments to identify the incremental contribution of media and deliver actionable cross-channel insights.

Integrations with 100+ media platforms enable quick set up for testing incrementality
across all your media channels.


Our marketing data warehouse is a data operating platform purpose-built for analytics.

The mMDW ingests, unifies and stores your data for marketing measurement while offering extensive customization, active monitoring and privacy-compliant data management services.

All your marketing data is easily portable for use with all any business applications. Learn more


To deploy and manage experiments systematically and reliably across the media mix is a complex process.

Measured executes comprehensive, repeatable and transparent control testing to identify the incremental contribution and scale of media.

mExperiment adapts to provide current and trustworthy results that map to your specific growth KPIs. Learn more


Smart media investment decisions require reliable cross-channel reporting.

Through flexible and highly customizable dashboards, mDecision provides detailed cross-channel and granular views into incremental media contribution.

Our optimization reports and proven scenario planner that forecasts short and long-term media performance will guide you to the best decisions for improving results and optimizing media mix across your portfolio. Learn more

Incrementality Tool

Worried about attribution without Cookies?

Incrementality Tool

We aren’t. Measured bet on incrementality testing and cohort-based analytics as the future of measurement. 

Read how we future-proof your measurement.

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