The State of DTC
Survey 2022


The State of DTC
Survey 2022


The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically during the past 18 months. As new data-privacy rules and increasing restrictions on user-level tracking render last-click and multi-touch attribution (MTA) ineffective, marketers are searching for reliable ways to measure performance and optimize media spend.

Measured partnered with Sequent Partners to perform a comprehensive survey of 300+ marketers at director level and above from DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands. This report explores how marketers are dealing with current challenges in media measurement and what investments they are prioritizing for the future.

Key Findings

  • Accessing and synthesizing accurate data is the greatest challenge for DTC Marketers.
  • 64% of DTC marketers spend over 9 hours per week on reporting activities, with some roles spending upwards of 25 hours per week.
  • Despite reported inaccuracies, over 80% of DTC Marketers still rely on click-based data as their primary source of media measurement.
  • Marketers overwhelmingly agree experiments and testing significantly improve their decision-making confidence.
  • Reporting and testing tools will win the greatest share of technology investment dollars over the next 12 months.
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