Incrementality Measurement
for Snapchat Ads

See how proven experiments can reveal the true incrementality of Snapchat campaigns.

Blog Posts

In Market Facebook Experiments

What We Learned From 10K Facebook Incrementality Experiments

It would be a shame if we didn’t share with our clients the tremendous value represented by years of aggregated experiment data.


Facebook Algorithm

5 Ways to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work For You

For brands spending a lot on Facebook ads, even little improvements in efficiency can add up to notable improvements in performance.


21 Million Dollar Growth - Measured Inc

It’s the Right Time to Invest In the Future of Measurement

Telescope Partners invests $21M in Measured to validate the business impact of media investments for DTC brands.


Research and Guides

Incrementality Measurement for Snapchat Ads


Incrementality Measurement for DTC Marketers


Incrementality Measurement for DTC Marketers

We wrote the guide! Learn how to grow your DTC brand with incrementality testing and experiments.


Strike the Right Balance Between Prospecting and Retargeting

Learn why incrementality is better than click and view-through rates for measuring retargeting – and how it helps optimize investments in prospecting versus retargeting.

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Retargeting Incrementality Measurement

Are you over-invested in retargeting? How an in-market experimentation approach can help strike the retargeting balance.

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Impact of the iOS14 Update

Learn about how the loss of IDFA will impact campaign tracking and attribution for apps and the web.

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Incrementality Insights Series - Facebook awareness

Is your Facebook Awareness working better than you think? 


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Measured Webinar on Finding Growth with CRM Data

How DTC advertisers can find growth opportunities using CRM data they own


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Case Studies


Home brand reallocates ad spend, increases ROAS 13%.

Measured client logo- Shinola Detroit

Shinola uses zip level geo-testing to measure the real value of Facebook prospecting campaigns

Client logo - FAHERTY + Measured

Cross-channel media measurement and reporting leads to sales increase of 53%



AdExchanger - Integrated media & awards company

Brands Lean On New Attribution Tech – Just Don’t Call It MTA – As Budgets Split To New Channels

Media Coverage
Media Coverage - Pulse 2.0 + Measured

Media Investment Measurement Platform Company Measured Raises $21 Million

Media Coverage
Media Coverage - Austin Inno + Measured

Funding wrap: Measured Snags $21M for marketing analytics

Media Coverage