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Multi-touch attribution is broken.
Experimentation is the answer.

MTA promised the ultimate solution for advertising measurement, but with increasing data privacy regulations and restrictions on user-level tracking, it’s no longer viable.

You need to understand the incremental contribution of your media campaigns to business goals. Our best-in-class experiments use audience-split and geo-matched market testing to determine incrementality, identify waste and inform scale opportunities across all your addressable and non-addressable channels. 

Independent of platform reporting bias and adaptable to changing business conditions, Measured experiments deliver ongoing actionable incrementality insights to continuously improve media performance.


Meticulously designed for rapid, reliable results

Test-and-control experimentation is proven to be the most accurate method for determining incremental contribution. Flighting unbiased, uncontaminated controls is critical. Experts at Measured have spent years perfecting complex, statistically sound experiments, tailored for the idiosyncrasies of each channel and platform. 

Only Measured experiments can be configured to your learning agenda and tied to your source of truth transaction data to answer specific questions about how your media contributes to the business. Integrations with 100s of media platforms and partners mean you can get set up, start testing and access valuable insights in a matter of weeks. Don’t settle for less.

Audience Split Testing with Measured

Audience split testing with 1st party data

Audience split experiments can be applied to both prospective or known audiences (CRM file) and enable you to test performance by segmenting the audience statistically significant test and control cohorts, based on a 1st-party CRM file or platform ID.

As platform ID tracking diminishes, inform prospecting efforts using your own customer data. Measured automatically splits your customer file into segments so you can test the best ways to reach your target.

Audience Split Testing with Measured

Geo-matched market testing tied to your sales data

Measured developed the only incrementality geo experiments available that are tied to your source-of-truth sales transaction data. 

Experiment against hard-to-measure channels with granularity at DMA, State, or Zip level.

Markets are carefully selected to avoid bias and minimize business impact, while producing measurable volume differences for insight.

Matched market testing with Measured
mExperiment Projection

Scale testing for future media investments

How much can you invest before reaching a saturation point?

Measured scale testing identifies saturation and opportunities for scale without risking budget. Experiments simulating an increase in spend, using a small fraction of the capital, plot the diminishing return curves for existing and new channels.

Download a brief overview of Measured’s Scale Testing approach With Incrementality Measurement.

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mExperiment Projection