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Answer questions and validate decisions with trusted reporting

How are my media investments performing overall today?

What is working? What can I do to change performance?

Where should I invest to deliver maximum return?

How is marketing contributing to business performance?

Through flexible and highly customizable dashboards, reports and forecasting tools, Measured provides detailed cross-channel and granular views to answer your most pressing questions.

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Get comprehensive cross-channel and granular insights

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Your customized marketing dashboard provides comprehensive performance data and actionable insights across all media channels, down to the tactic, campaign, and ad set level.

Data Driven Incrementality (DDI) automatically calibrates your daily conversion data against the Measured incrementality index, informed by results from thousands of ongoing tests. Using DDI, you can get accurate, full-portfolio measurement within two weeks.

New Measured Optimization and Planning Tools

Allocate every advertising dollar for maximum incremental return

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Media Plan Optimizer saves time and reduces guesswork with accurate, automated spend recommendations for every channel and tactic. With incrementality-driven allocation technology, you can run multiple scenarios in minutes to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency and find new ways to scale and diversify spend. 

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Benchmark portfolio - Measured Incrementality

How do you stack up to your peers?

Benchmark portfolio - Measured Incrementality

With Measured Benchmarks you can compare your brand’s most important media allocation, performance, and growth metrics against other brands in the Measured portfolio.

Identify opportunities to diversify your portfolio and track ad costs and revenue growth over time against leading companies in your category.