mDecisions Source of Truth Reporting and Planning


Source of Truth Reporting and Planning

mDecisions Source of Truth Reporting and Planning

Actionable Cross Channel Insights

How is my marketing performing overall today?
What is working? What can I do to change performance?
Where should I invest to deliver maximum return?
Through flexible and highly customizable dashboards, reports and forecasting tools, mDecisions provides detailed cross-channel and granular views to answer your most pressing questions.
Cross channel reporting & decisioning

Comprehensive, Granular and Accessible Insight

Your customized dashboard provides the latest performance data with comprehensive views from cross-channel and intra-channel performance down to the most granular results possible at tactic, adset and audience level.


Take Action with Optimization Reports

Optimization reports provide performance highlights, analysis and specific recommendations on where to fund, scale, reduce or evaluate investments, based on your goals.

Incrementality with Measured
Measured intelligence suite

Plan with Forecasting and “What If” Scenarios

Our robust scenario planner can forecast short and long-term media performance at various spend levels for every media tactic in your portfolio.

With practical views by platform, campaign or tactic, understand the financial impact of making shifts in budget and make informed decisions for improving results and optimizing media mix across your portfolio.

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