Temu and Shein Are the ‘Jaws’ of Digital Advertising

Business of Fashion published an article outlining how Chinese e-commerce players Temu and Shein are positioned to disrupt the marketing of brands they compete with, featuring data from Measured. The article is titled "Temu and Shein Are the Jaws of Digital Advertising."

"Part of the approach taken by Shein and Temu appears to entail aiming for wide reach across a number of customer groups, seeing what works and then honing in with focused campaigns, according to Drabicky. Most of the time brands will hardly notice. In fact, data from Measured, a marketing-analytics platform, found that media costs were generally down across Meta’s channels, Google and TikTok in 2023, yielding some improvements in the incremental return on ad spend that brands get.

But that can change as soon as Temu and Shein start targeting the same customers. In the case of the January Digital clients that had their costs spike, both saw the disruption end as quickly as it began."

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