Measured’s Revamped Platform Blends Automation, Incrementality And MMM

AdExchanger introduced Measured's all-new platform capabilities in Allison Schiff's article 'Measured’s Revamped Platform Blends Automation, Incrementality And MMM'.

"If you’re playing buzzword bingo, your card’s about to fill up, because this article covers automated incrementality testing, causal measurement and full-funnel media-mix modeling (MMM).

On Tuesday, media measurement startup Measured released a souped-up version of its platform that fully automates the process of incrementality planning and optimization, including geo-based testing.

The platform update also combines an MMM methodology with causal (aka incremental) measurement to help marketers better determine the true impact of their marketing spend on campaign performance without user-level tracking."

If you're interested in learning more about the exciting features our new platform offers, watch our keynote video here.