Measured Solves Advertising’s Walled Garden Problem

New platform is the first-ever end-to-end automated platform for brands to accurately measure incremental media impact

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Measured, the industry leader in incrementality measurement, is announcing the launch of new technology to solve advertising’s walled garden problem and completely overhaul the industry’s current approach to measurement. Currently, marketers are left to hypothesize about the value of their advertising spend, relying on data provided by media platforms that is frequently misreported. For the first time, marketers have a consolidated platform to view incremental ad performance across all paid media platforms without the need to track users across the web. The result: brands’ ability to gauge the true impact and value of their ad spend across all channels and maximize advertising effectiveness, bridging the gap between marketing and finance.

The advertising landscape has shifted considerably towards Measured’s privacy-centric approach since the company first launched in 2017. As privacy regulations increased, user-level media measurement identifiers such as cookies, mobile advertising IDs, and log files vanished, presenting marketers with decreased ability to reliably track a user’s path of media exposure across the internet. Most media measurement methods today do not measure incremental impact because they rely on correlation, not causal measurement. Just because a user sees an advertisement before purchasing the product doesn't mean the advertisement actually caused the purchase – the sale may have happened anyway. This makes reported data from advertising platforms using correlation-based attribution – typically last-touch or last-click – a misleading or even reckless guide for marketers’ media investments.

Measured’s new platform is here to change that by providing marketers with a complete functional solution to media measurement based on truthful, causal, incrementality measurement. Backed by AI, machine learning, and data science technology, the new platform consists of three main differentiators:

  • Advanced, automated geo-testing: An industry first, customers can design, schedule, and activate sophisticated incrementality experiments in minutes. Geo-testing is the most accurate way to measure media effectiveness. Typically, marketers spend weeks on the historically intricate, slow, and expensive process of geo-testing – now it’s as easy as a few clicks to execute. Measured's geo-testing capabilities empower brands to design an optimal test that significantly reduces business risk. The platform’s market selection method requires less than 10% of the country for holdout experiments by automatically running over 100,000 market simulations for every test to find the smallest, most accurate market. With this new application, Measured is able to support advanced testing use cases such as scale experiments for low-volume channels, new vs. existing customer sales, and digital vs. offline incrementality.
  • Comprehensive methodology with automated triangulation: The platform combines automated incrementality experimentation, agile mix modeling, and platform attribution, providing marketers with an integrated solution measuring the full portfolio of media performance down to the sub-campaign level. The methodology is fully based on causation, not correlation, to achieve comprehensive measurement and optimization.
  • End-to-end incrementality-powered workflow: The platform is built with complete end-to-end automation to help marketing teams manage, test, plan, and optimize a full-funnel media portfolio with ease and precision. Brands with established analytics practices can also seamlessly integrate data and insights from Measured’s technology into their existing applications.

Measured has run over 25,000 incrementality tests, deploying experiments to automate this process, and is currently helping customers like Vuori, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Foot Locker optimize over $20 billion in advertising spend.

“As advertising spending hits over $1 trillion globally, marketers are overwhelmed by the inaccurate, disjointed measurement data flowing from their campaigns,” said Trevor Testwuide, CEO and co-founder of Measured. “Media experimentation is no longer a nice to have resource to understand media spend’s effectiveness – it’s a need to have to compete. We’re excited to launch a new platform that provides marketers with a full view of their spend, outcomes, and the resources needed for that experimentation, and we’re energized by the platform’s early results that are empowering marketers to deliver on their desired goals.”

“Measured has been integral in unlocking our full measurement capabilities and helping us answer complex media efficiency questions with their geo-testing capabilities. I have always been impressed by the sophistication of their model and willingness to customize for our exact business needs,” said BumSoo Kim, recently departed VP of Growth, Ruggable.

In addition to these new capabilities, customers can benchmark their performance to other brands in their industries or with similar makeups to identify other growth opportunities.

To learn more about Measured’s new technology, view the 2024 Keynote here.

About Measured
Measured is equipping the marketing industry with the tools needed to help consumer brands make data-backed decisions about their advertising spend. The company’s machine learning and data science-powered platform provides end-to-end automation to help marketers manage, test, plan, and optimize a full-funnel media portfolio with ease and precision. Through its advanced geo-testing capabilities and fully triangulated methodology, marketers can uncover their paid media portfolio’s true causal incrementality impact. Headquartered in Austin, Measured is working with brands like Vuori, Faherty, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ruggable, Foot Locker, and Thumbtack to help optimize more than $20 billion in ad spend.


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