Measured Snares $21 Million In Funding To Improve Attribution

Measured, a firm that measures the business impact of media investments for consumer brands, has snared $21 million in funding from Telescope Partners.

The financing will be used to accelerate delivery of  incrementality solutions to brands and drive innovation.

In addition, Measured is now hiring to fill roles across the company.

The company says growing restrictions on user-level tracking and privacy measures by Apple and Google have rendered legacy attribution platforms less effective than they previously were.

Conventional wisdom holds that email metrics — i.e., clickthrough and conversion rates — are reliable. But advertising platforms apparently are not: Measured reports that 40% of media investments are ineffective, and that the impact can vary greatly by channel, tactic, campaign, or ad set.


“Whether ad platforms are underreporting or overreporting conversions, the critical issue is that the results cannot be trusted,” states Trevor Testwuide, CEO and co-founder of Measured.

But Testwuide adds that when “controlled experiments are designed to be scientifically sound, the results are always reliable.”

Measured claims that its incrementality experiments have quantified the efficacy of $4.14 billion in advertising spend for more than 120 D2C brands.

The company serves such brands as Fabletics, Faherty Brand, Grubhub, Mammut, and Ruggable.

It also offers a data warehouse that it says “connects, cleans and harmonizes all marketing, ecommerce, and customer performance data from 275+ available integrated sources for each brand it services.”

“Attribution has been a decades-long problem for advertisers,” says Mickey Arabelovic, founder of Telescope Partners. “Industry privacy changes have only made this pain more acute.”

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