Measured Secures $21M to Solve Attribution for Advertisers

Incrementality Experiments on $4.14B in Ad Spend Show 40% of Media Does Not Contribute to Sales

Telescope Partners is investing $21M in Measured to validate the true business impact of media investments for consumer brands. Increasing restrictions on user-level tracking and the continued focus on data privacy by Apple and Google have made legacy attribution platforms less effective, denying brands the insight needed to make smart decisions about advertising.

Nearly tripling in the last year, Measured’s incrementality experiments were used to quantify the efficacy of $4.14 billion in advertising spend for more than 120 DTC brands. Results showed, on average, 40% of media investments are ineffective, and impact can vary vastly by channel, tactic, campaign, or ad set. It is critical for marketers to have reliable contribution insights at every level. Incrementality measurement solutions from Measured provide the visibility that brands need to minimize wasted ad budget and identify opportunities to scale media for growth.

“Attribution has been a decades-long problem for advertisers. Industry privacy changes have only made this pain more acute,” said Mickey Arabelovic, Founder of Telescope Partners. “The Measured team understood the shortcomings of other attribution methods years ago and built a solution that would withstand these sweeping changes well before they became a reality. Measured is unique in their approach to media measurement and it couldn’t come at a more critical time for the industry.”

Since 2017, marketers at the fastest-growing DTC brands, like Fabletics, Faherty Brand, Grubhub, Mammut, and Ruggable, have trusted Measured to connect advertising spend to business results and answer the toughest marketing questions being asked by executives and stakeholders. The growth investment from Telescope Partners will accelerate delivery to brands in need of reliable incrementality solutions and will fund the innovation that keeps Measured and its clients ahead of inevitable changes in the industry.

“Whether ad platforms are underreporting or overreporting conversions, the critical issue is that the results cannot be trusted. When controlled experiments are designed to be scientifically sound, the results are always reliable,” said Trevor Testwuide, CEO and Cofounder of Measured. “Incrementality experimentation delivered by a neutral party can bring much needed stability to brands reeling from the latest privacy changes. Telescope’s thoughtful approach and success rate building high-performing software companies makes them the ideal partner to help Measured accomplish that vision.”

“Facebook is a critical channel for building awareness and attracting new Shinola customers, but after the Apple tracking restrictions went into effect, attribution reports from the platform didn’t look right,” said Joel Layton, VP Ecommerce for luxury lifestyle brand Shinola. Measured revealed that our Facebook campaigns were indeed still delivering strong results and showed us how to allocate our budget for maximum contribution to sales.”

The Measured tech stack includes everything brands need to implement an end-to-end cross-channel media experimentation practice.

Unified media reporting with actionable insights

Marketing spend and sales data are reconciled daily into customizable dashboards that reveal the business contribution of media across both addressable and non-addressable channels. More granular insights at the campaign, tactic and ad set levels provide optimization strategies and recommended actions to maximize revenue via budget allocation.

Media experiments automated for every marketer

Designed by a global team of data and marketing science experts, Measured’s extensive offering of incrementality experiments calculate media value along the entire marketing funnel, including prospecting, retargeting and retention campaigns. Experiment designs utilize proven first-party audience split and geo-matched market testing methodologies to ensure valid results and comprehensive insights.

Marketing data warehouse purpose-built for DTC brands

Measured connects, cleans and harmonizes all marketing, ecommerce, and customer performance data from 275+ available integrated sources for each brand it services. This secure and fully managed MDW reconciles every day, and provides marketers with a self-service, 100% independent data architecture on which they can build sophisticated business intelligence reporting, analytics programming, and data science infrastructure previously only accessible to the largest multinational brands.

Measured can provide new customers with full-portfolio incrementality reporting in just two weeks, by connecting directly to all of the brand’s available data sources and applying proprietary insights from the industry’s first incrementality index. The index is informed by data from thousands of experiments and continuously grows more powerful as it is updated with results from ongoing testing. Incorporating in-market experiments can provide deeper insights and the most current information as consumer behavior or the business environment changes.

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