Measured Launches Cross-Channel Marketing Measurement Platform

After two years of refining its technology, building its team and delivering insights for early customers, Measured has officially exited stealth to launch its cross-channel incrementality measurement and decisioning platform.

“The promise of marketing measurement beyond last-click has failed to deliver for marketers. Multi-touch attribution has been plagued by severe data reconciliation issues, walled garden blind spots, the collapse of third-party tracking, challenges of identity and GDPR, and painful on-boarding,” said Trevor Testwuide, co-founder and CEO at Measured. “Media mix modeling is not granular enough for tactical decision-making and too expensive for mid-market brands. Cross-channel marketing measurement has failed marketers.”

Measured has developed a new approach anchored on innovative experimental design to inform cross-channel media investment decisions.

Fresh Approach

Measured solves for the difficult challenges of operationalizing steady-state test-and-control experimentation at scale across channels.

“We went back to the drawing board to innovate cross-channel measurement for the realities of today’s marketers,” said Madan Bharadwaj, co-founder and CTO at Measured. “We are excited to bring to market a new transparent, practical and scalable approach to marketing measurement.”

Measured empowers its customers to focus on the high-value media mix decisions that drive customer acquisition based on incremental metrics. The Measured platform handles the complex heavy lifting of cross-channel data management and continuous data quality validation to inform accurate and trusted measurement.

“We take the pain out of sophisticated cross-channel media incrementality testing,” Testwuide said.

“Our experimentation technology that executes holdouts for prospecting audiences affordably is truly a breakthrough,” Bharadwaj said. “The results of each experiment empower marketers to make investment decisions informed by actual audience-level incremental performance metrics.”

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