Measured Launches Cross-Channel Incrementality Measurement for Marketers

After two years of refining its technology, building its team and delivering insights for early customers, Measured has officially exited stealth to launch its cross-channel incrementality measurement and decisioning platform.

Measured solves for the difficult challenges of operationalising steady-state test-and-control experimentation at scale across channels, and empowers its customers to focus on the high-value media mix decisions that drive customer acquisition based on incremental metrics. The Measured platform handles the complex heavy lifting of cross-channel data management and continuous data quality validation to inform accurate and trusted measurement.

“The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last couple years, and those changes have made recent attempts at measuring advertising effectiveness obsolete. Brands are increasingly using the likes of Facebook, Google and Instagram to reach their audiences, but limitations on data and tracking on those sites and others has made multi-touch attribution ineffective because it can only measure a small percentage of media.” Measured CEO & Co-Founder Trevor Testwuide told ExchangeWire.

“Measured uses advanced A/B testing to show whether an ad will improve customer behaviour and lead them to becoming a buyer. That’s pretty easy when analysing the behaviour of existing customers, but the big breakthrough with Measured is how we apply it to finding new customers. It’s been extremely fulfilling to see it working and getting real results for our early clients. In the very near future, you’re going to see more brands wake up and realise the way they’ve been doing it hasn’t worked, and they’re going to turn to incrementality measurement to make sure they are spending their budgets on things that work.”

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