Meta’s AI-fueled Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Underwhelm Marketers

Meta’s AI-fueled Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns


Measured and our Meta ASC test results data were featured in Adweek's article 'Meta's AI-fueled Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Underwhelm Marketers.'

"Over-reporting is common among all platforms, who often take credit for conversions that may be driven by users seeing the same ads on other media properties, said Jim Greco, VP of professional services at Measured. Of note, the incremental ROAS Measured found was lowest for ASC campaigns, compared to two other Meta ad formats, prospecting and retargeting. According to the results Meta reports to marketers, ROAS for ASC campaigns is supposed to be between that of prospecting and retargeting, undermining the idea that ASC is Meta’s most effective format."

Interested in learning more? For a deeper analysis of the 30+ test results we’ve completed on Meta Adavantage+ Shopping Campaigns over the past 12 months, watch our webinar with a panel of industry and measurement experts that dive into the nitty-gritty details - the discoveries they make just might surprise you.