MARTECH: Enterprise Marketing Performance Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Austin, TX
Key customers

Target customer

Mid-market and enterprise consumer brands with direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels.
Key verticals include fashion and apparel, health and beauty, CPG, home goods and financial services.

Company overview
154 employees.
Founded in 2017.
Announced a $21M growth round of funding from Telescope Partners in May 2022.
Measured is an independent media outcome measurement platform that provides ongoing insights into online and offline media incrementality at the channel, tactic, campaign and ad-set levels.
Measured built the industry’s first incrementality index that is informed by data from tens of thousands of experiments going back more than six years.  
Easy-to-use, enterprise-grade technology, proven test and control methodologies, and source-of-truth reporting give marketers the insights needed to grow their businesses.
Measured experiments are meticulously designed for the unique characteristics of each ad platform and channel, then automated for easy implementation and scale.
Connects directly to all of the brand’s available data sources and applies insights from the latest incrementality index. Provides new customers with full portfolio reporting in two weeks.
Builds a marketing data warehouse (MDW) at no additional cost for every individual brand. The secure, fully-managed MDW provides an independent data architecture
on which brands can build sophisticated business intelligence reporting, analytics programming and data science infrastructure.

Product overview
Designed to help brands implement an end-to-end media experimentation and incrementality measurement practice, including solutions for reporting and
optimization, experimentation, and marketing data management.
Reporting and Optimization Solutions: Reconciles marketing spend with sales data into customizable dashboards that reveal the business contribution of media across addressable and non-addressable channels. Granular insights at the campaign, tactic and ad set levels provide optimization strategies and recommended actions to maximize revenue.
Experiment Solutions: Created by a global team of marketing and data science experts, Measured’s automated experiment designs utilize first-party audience
split and geo-matched market testing methodologies to ensure valid results and comprehensive insights.
Based on true causality confirmed by a brand’s customer transaction data, Measured experiments are not impacted by the privacy-related tracking issues that impact click-based attribution used by walled garden platforms and multi-touch attribution vendors.
• Marketing Data Management Solutions: Builds an individual MDW for each customer that connects and harmonizes all marketing, commerce and customer
performance data from 275-plus available integrated sources.

Use cases
• Unify all marketing data and automate reporting: Measured MDW ingests and normalizes data from all sources and channels. Cross-channel dashboards and
customizable reporting reduce the time spent aggregating performance data from multiple channels and compiling into spreadsheets and results reports.
• Optimize media for maximum growth: Measured Incrementality reveals opportunities to eliminate waste, scale into investments, or reallocate media spend for maximum growth.
• Answers questions such as:
Š What percentage of my revenue is directly a result of advertising spend?
Š How much budget should I spend on each channel?
Š If I add a new channel, will I get more new customers?
Š How can I adjust my media investments to lower customer acquisition costs?
Š How much of my advertising budget is being wasted and where?
Š Are my retargeting campaigns driving net-new conversions, or merely targeting customers who would have converted anyway?
Š How much more can I scale on which channels while maintaining my CPA or ROAS target?

Attribution models supported
• Calculates the incrementality of paid media by deploying scientifically proven
experiment methodologies:
• Audience split testing: Segments audiences into two or more equally representative cohorts, delivering different treatments to each and observing the difference in results. Cohorts are defined using ad platform targeting or by segmenting first-party data from the brand’s customer files.
• Geo-matched market testing: Identifies statistically significant markets at the state, DMA or zip code level that are similar to but much cheaper to test in than larger markets. Because geo-experiments are run completely independent of platform reporting and are based on system- of-record transaction data from the brand (i.e., e-commerce platform), geo-testing is a near universal system of measurement that isn’t affected by platform and policy changes.
• Scale testing: Splits target audiences into three cohorts – test, control and scale. The ad sets used for the test group are cloned and served to the scale group, but at two-to-four times the spend, to measure points of saturation and diminishing returns.

Scenario planning and optimization
• Supports both short-term and long-term objectives through optimization and planning tools for budget allocation.

Aligning spend with goals
• Designed to reveal the incremental contribution of media to business metrics such as sales, revenue, subscriptions, downloads, installs, etc.
• Brand customers provide specific corporate goals and objectives, then experiments are designed to answer questions related to those measurable outcomes.

Media planning
• Delivers results and insights through customizable reports and dashboards, including optimization reports, with recommended actions for maximizing efficiency and business impact of media channels and tactics.


• Does not currently push/activate media based on the actionable insights produced by the platform.
• Measured client success directors work with clients to utilize the insights and assist with allocation recommendations.

Analytics and reporting
• Provides customizable dashboards and automated reports that are structured for the specific needs of each customer organization.
• Dashboards are refreshed daily, reconciling ad spend with system- of-record business transaction data provided by the brand.
• Popular dashboard views and reports include:
• Cross-Channel:
Š Top channels/tactics by incremental ROAS.
Š Worst performing channels by incremental CPA.
Š Budget allocation optimization.
• Channel-specific views
Š Most incremental campaigns and ad sets.
Š Saturation and scale reports.
Š On-site retargeting incrementality.
• CRM-specific reports:
Š New vs. existing customers.
Š Customer lifetime value.
Š Recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) segmentation.
Š Customer retention analysis.

Collaboration and workflow management
• Built-in experiment design approval workflow.
• Access and responsibilities by role can also be defined and managed for each user.

Privacy and cookies
• Measured is explicitly built to provide reliable measurement without a need to identify and track individuals.
• Experiments are cohort-based and run on audiences built from first-party data or geo-matched market cohorts.
• Cohort test cells are carefully defined to be scientifically significant, so reads can be trusted as clean and valid.
• Provides reliable insight into the outcomes caused by paid media, without tracking at the user-level.
Data security
• Secure computing environment which is attested by an SOC2 certification.
• Follows AWS best practices and Secure Coding guidelines.
• Performs ongoing vulnerabilities assessments to identify any weakness in external applications.

Third-party integrations

• Integrates with more than 275 data sources; 100-plus are via API.
• Integration partners include, but are not limited to, vendors that focus on affiliate marketing, analytics, audio, business intelligence, catalog, CRM, CTV, database, direct mail, display, email marketing, marketing automation, mobile, podcasts, referral, search, social media, business transactions/e-commerce (Shopify, Salesforce, Magento etc.) and video.

Pricing and support
• SaaS based subscription pricing with a technology delivery model, complemented by professional services. 
• Pricing is based on scope, complexity and the number of experiments running simultaneously.
• Contracts generally range from $10K-$25K/month.
• Entry point is $5K/month.
• Annual contracts are required.
• Contract structure is an all-in offering and includes all technology, measurement and services as defined in the SOW.
•  Free trials are not available.
• All required platform integrations and customized MDWs are included.
• Each client is assigned implementation and data engineer as well as a client success director (at no additional cost) to ensure ongoing experiments and reporting are aligned to each the customer’s unique business questions and requirements.

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