How AI Is Helping Marketers Take Customer Experience To New Heights



Martech Series published an article today by Measured's Sr. Vice President of Product, Mahesh Jeswani, called 'How AI Is Helping Marketers Take Customer Experience To New Heights.

"The increasingly widespread use of AI in MarTech has allowed marketers to greatly improve customer experience (CX) through previously unimagined levels of personalization. The ability to dynamically target campaigns based on customers’ needs, desires, and past behaviors makes each individual feel a more direct connection to the brand’s messaging. This not only drives up customer acquisition, but it can increase customer retention as well, allowing brands to get more lifetime value out of every advertising dollar spent.

What makes AI truly transformative is that, in addition to enhancing customer experiences by personalizing interactions, it also allows marketers to gain unprecedented insight into the actual impacts of their full-funnel marketing strategies. It is, in a sense, both the artist and the analyst, crafting personalized experiences and painting each interaction with finesse while meticulously measuring the true incremental impact of its strokes."

To learn more about how AI and incrementality can be used to enrich customer experience, reach out to a measurement expert today.