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Know where to spend (or cut) to maximize growth

media-planning-budget-optimization | Measured
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"Measured's Media Plan Optimizer is at the center of all
our digital spend."

Tony Drockton, CEO

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media-planning-budget-optimization | Measured

Media plan optimizer

Allocate your media budget for maximum efficiency and effectiveness with Measured’s Media Plan Optimizer, powered by the world’s most advanced incrementality model.

Flexible Allocation

Not your ordinary scenario planner

Media Plan Optimizer makes other media planning tools obsolete. How? By delivering ad spend recommendations based on every campaign’s actual incremental contribution to your sales.

"Measured's flexible testing methodologies allow us to better understand paid search's true business impact. Since partnering w/ Measured we've been able to deploy more purposeful budget plans that better maximize seasonal demand peaks - seeing double-digit top-line revenue growth in an industry facing post-COVID headwinds."
Alexander Diesbach, Director of Digital Marketing

Save time and reduce guesswork

Allocate entire paid media budgets in mere minutes, and receive spend recommendations for every channel and campaign. Run, save, share and compare multiple plans to identify the best strategy for reaching your goals.

Media planning & optimization | Measured

Apply flexible allocation settings

Whether optimizing spend for the entire funnel or just a single channel, you can maximize results against a fixed budget or find the optimal budget for your target KPIs.


It’s your business: Use your metrics

Optimize for the future: Media Plan Optimizer can allocate your budget based on target ROAS, CPO, or incremental sales. Just input your goals and let incrementality do the rest in building forward-looking optimization scenarios.

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