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We have measurement experts all around the globe available to collaborate one on one with you on a diverse range of topics.

The powerhouse team behind Measured includes advertising and media industry veterans and the world’s sharpest minds in analytics and data science. Our deep bench of experience and the ongoing insights we gain from designing experiments and reporting results to a diverse portfolio of brands, sets us up with the experience, data and knowledge to answer your burning questions about measurement, attribution and media mix planning.

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Marketing Science, Measurement, and Analytics

Have some questions about the experiments we set up for you or the reports you’ve received from Measured? We’re here to help. Contact one of us to discuss cross-channel reporting; reporting dimensions, metrics and limitations of various vendors; Measured experimentation capabilities and design philosophy; and insight and recommended actions unique to your business and taxonomy.

MarTech, AdTech, and Data Management

Explore fragmentation of channels across digital and offline advertising channels; advancements in data capture, treatment and analytics; measurement without user-level tracking; challenges with data deduping and reconciliation; ad tracking and counting; data privacy and legal compliance; and DSPs, SSPs, exchanges, DMPs, and the role of other players in influencing clean data capture.

Solution, Data, and Cloud Architects

Discuss key questions you want to answer and identify data sets, dimensions and metrics to answer them at the proper cadence and granularity. Learn about bringing diverse data feeds to a scalable, standardized data architecture; crafting necessary slices of reporting using stated dimensions and conversion KPIs; and making the solution reliable and robust enough to process multitudes of data using supported product and platform engineering levers.

Meet the Experts

Madan Bharadwaj CTO and Cofounder
Madan Bharadwaj

Madan is a leading expert in advanced marketing measurement systems and has over 15 years of experience applying big data and machine learning technologies to adtech product. He leads the highly skilled team behind Measured’s suite of attribution solutions and incrementality experiment designs.

Nick Stoltz COO
Nick Stoltz

Nick has successfully solved a wide variety of operational, analytic and strategic marketing analytics problems for brands around the world. As the head of the customer success at Measured, he steps up to answer all the tough questions and strives to deliver results that always exceed client expectations.

Octavio Sacasa

Octavio is an advanced analytics, digital marketing, and customer service professional who bridges people, strategy, data, and technology in cross-functional environments. Octavio has an impressive track record of successfully helping marketers navigate through their business, strategic and operational needs.

James Gerber
James Gerber

James conducts advanced analytics to derive meaning from marketing and advertising data captured across multiple channels, devices and programs. Leading our analytics practice, James partners with product and client success teams to interpret experiment outcomes and deliver actionable insights to our customers.

Tair Maya Schwartz
Tair Schwartz

Tair is an experienced product manager who has spent many years optimizing advertising on some of the largest ad platforms in the industry. Working across the engineering, customer success and product teams, Tair has played a significant role in shaping Measured’s geo-based matched-market test design and analytics products.

Paramesh Laxminarayan

Paramesh excels at solving complex problems and has extensive experience in data analysis, consulting, solution architecture, and product management across the digital advertising domain. Paramesh leads the solutions team and focuses on the solution-centric platform products at Measured.

Sanju Pommen
Sanju Ommen

Sanju is a highly skilled data architect with 11+ years of experience successfully completing large, complex development projects. Sanju and his team build all the required architecture to process and transform data needed by various application modules, algorithms, and interfaces at Measured.

Nikhil Wanpal
Nikhil Wanpal

Nikhil is a highly skilled software craftsman and systems architect with experience working on a wide range of domains and software technologies. Nikhil is Director of Engineering at Measured and he built the core platform ground up to handle scale, security, and reliability in an efficient and seamless fashion.

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