Incrementality Testing | Measured

Finally, a proven platform that answers your most difficult media questions

Incrementality Testing | Measured

Enjoy comprehensive experimentation tools that empower your team to answer every business question with speed, ease, and accuracy using state-of-the-art geo and customer lift testing technology.

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Incrementality Testing | Measured

Media Impact

What is the incremental impact of this channel?

Scale Testing

What is the diminishing return of this channel?

Test New Channels

Which new channel should we diversify into?

Online vs Offline

How does this channel affect online and offline sales?

MMM Calibration

How can I ensure my MMM results are accurate?

Retention Optimization

What is the optimal contact strategy to increase retention?

Why do brands rely on Measured Incrementality Testing?

Only Measured uses true test-and-control-based incrementality measurement, developed by some of the world’s smartest data scientists and marketing experts.

Flexible and Automated

Flexible, automated, and proven

Test at any funnel stage on any channel with speed and ease, thanks to the only geo-targeting methodology that’s scientifically proven to provide reliable results in any environment.

Industry-leading accuracy

Industry-leading accuracy

Our geo-matched market experiments and testing are the recognized gold standard in media measurement, delivering precise and reliable results.

No cookies with Measured

You won’t miss cookies

Our no-pixel, no-cookie approach measures your media’s impact against your actual sales with no need for user-level data. Keep receiving reliable results even as privacy laws change.

Measured makes heroes out of marketers

Discovered its Facebook reporting was off by

Honeylove | Measured

Profitably grew spend on
Pinterest by

Faherty | Measured

Increased ad spend just 15% to lift sales


Want smarter measurement (and immediate insights)?

Measured Incrementality Testing rapidly verifies the real impact of ad spend so you can optimize your media mix. See for yourself!

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