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Accurate, always-on insights

You’ll enjoy always-on full-portfolio attribution right after onboarding that accurately leverages your data, built on our industry gold standard Incrementality Model.

Easy access and integration

We inject actionable performance insights into your team’s existing workflows so executives or channel managers can make impactful decisions with confidence.

No cookies? No problem

When data-handling laws change, you won’t have to worry. Our pixel-free measurement and analysis technology supplies insights even when privacy rules change.

The Measured Incrementality Platform

Validate, test, plan, and optimize your media investments based on their real contribution to your business: Leverage the ultimate unified end-to-end attribution and optimization platform, featuring SaaS-based ease of use and flexibility.

Incrementality testing

Reveal true sales lift from media investments with the most advanced incrementality testing capabilities on the planet.

  • Quickly and easily test at any funnel stage on any channel, with the gold standard in data-science-driven methodology. 
  • Choose from geo-matched market or known audience lift testing to cover any media business question.
  • Verify the causal impact of marketing spend against your preferred business metrics like ROAS, CPO, or sales.
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incremental lift testing technology

Cross-channel attribution and insights

Discover the real incremental impact of every dollar spent.

  • Measure the incremental contribution of every channel, tactic, or campaign.
  • Analyze from awareness to retargeting to reveal issues and opportunities at any stage in your funnel. 
  • Stop worrying about data reconciliation issues with unified cross-channel reporting tied directly to your brand’s data.
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Cross Channel Attribution | Measured

Media planning and optimization

Confidently reallocate and scale your ad spend for maximum ROAS and revenue.

  • Quickly and easily reallocate ad spend to maximize incremental revenue.
  • Simulate spend increases and compare multiple scenarios to optimize your total portfolio efficiency and impact.
  • Develop varied “what-if?” scenarios for different contingencies.
  • Reallocate within one or more channels, or your entire portfolio with convenient settings
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Media and performance benchmarking

Tap into the world’s biggest incrementality benchmarks database to see how you compare to other leading brands.

  • Compare your brand’s spend allocation, media costs, incremental ROAS, CPO, and more, against 100+ category-leading consumer brands.
  • Filter by industry to compare against other brands in your vertical.
  • Identify ways to diversify your portfolio and track key metrics over time to make sure you stay on track.
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We help your data deliver
maximum value

We make a huge investment in making sure your data is accurately reconciled throughout the day, every day. The bottom line? By ensuring the quality of your data, we’re able to deliver measurement and optimization you can trust.

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Measured Integrations
Measured Integrations
Measured Integrations
Measured Integrations

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