Platform Attribution

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Measured incrementality model
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"Cross-channel attribution is a difficult problem to solve. Thankfully Measured's creative approach, rooted in incrementality measurement, has enabled us to unlock attribution reporting we can trust to inform our media investment decisions."

Noelle Sandler, CMO

Measured incrementality model

Industry-leading methodology

Measured’s future-proof methodology combines incrementality tests, media mix modeling, and platform attribution data to reveal the causal impact of your media spend without pixels,
site tags, or user IDs.

Incrementality Experiments

Precise, casual incremental lift measurement based on your brand’s experiments

Media Mix Model

Broad, full-coverage measurement stabilizes outputs across testable and non-testable channels while estimating ad stocks and diminishing returns.

Platform Attribution

Platform Attribution

Near real-time data from every ad platform provides granular campaign and ad set-level data for easy optimization.


Triangulated across the
signals that matter

Measured automatically triangulates signals from incrementality testing, media mix modeling, and platform attribution to provide causal insights at the channel, tactic, and campaign level, all in near real-time.

No More Blind Spots

No more measurement
blind spots

By combining multiple signals into a single, unified methodology, Measured ensures your entire paid media funnel is covered with accurate measurement.

Measured deserves a lot of credit for being WAY out front on incrementality when many vendors in the attribution space were still fixated on multi-touch attribution.
Adam Lovallo. Co-founder

Make fully-informed
budget allocations 

Measured’s unique combination of incrementality testing and media mix modeling reveals diminishing returns, identifying the optimal spend level for every channel.

Brands are uncovering actual media platform impact

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