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Score calculations are estimated using benchmark incrementality coefficients.

Brands similar to yours have achieved these results using incrementality measurement.

Brands similar to yours have achieved these results using incrementality measurement.

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This tool is designed for educational purposes only and the results do not constitute a guarantee of performance by Measured, Inc. Estimations and benchmarks are used to generate the calculations and we do not recommend reallocating budget dollars based on these results.

Viewing your business metrics in incremental terms will enable you to confidently determine media budget investment changes across your portfolio. Download a PDF of your customized incrementality results.

    Download Incrementality Report

   Download Incrementality Report

“TechStyle leans heavily on data to drive our ongoing marketing strategy and Measured consistently delivers insights we trust to make ongoing cross-channel media decisions.”
Aubrie Richey
Aubrie RicheyVP of Media Intelligence
“Game Changing! We spend only on incremental sales, not sales that would have happened anyway – on every channel, in every campaign.”
Dave Lokes
Oriental Trading Company
Dave Lokes VP of Marketing
“Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve been using Measured since early last year, and we grew another 82% with their help. It will be our little secret.”
Tony Drockton
Tony DrocktonFounder

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