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Automated, enterprise-grade lift tests made easy

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"With Measured, we were able to confidently understand the incremental impact of each tactic and can ensure profitable outcomes of every dollar spent in our PMax campaigns.”

JORDAN ROBERSON - Director of Digital Marketing

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Incremental Lift Tests | Measured

Find out the true impact of media
on prospects and customers

Our lab-grade testing tools enable you to design, deploy, and analyze experiments with speed and confidence to get the answers you need.

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Scalable, expert level geo-testing made easy

Our platform enables to you design, deploy, and analyze geo-matched-market tests in under 5 minutes.

trustworthy insights

Get trustworthy insights about your media’s performance

Whether you want to know how many new sales Facebook is actually driving, or the best media mix for your existing customers, we have a test for you.

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"Measured's incrementality approach leads to reliable outputs to inform our media budget decisions."
Noelle Sadler, CMO

Optimize customer retention with 1st party split tests

The Measured customer lift testing technology enables you to split-test your customer base to find the optimal way to increase LTV.

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Calibrate your media measurement with testing

Measured empowers marketers to build a practice of test-and-learn optimization that continuously improves measurement accuracy and decision-making confidence.

How brands measure up with Measured

Does your sales lift measure up?

Without Measured, you probably don’t have a truly accurate idea of how your ad dollars are performing. So set up a demo today!

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