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Incremental Lift Tests | Measured
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"With Measured, we were able to confidently understand the incremental impact of each tactic and can ensure profitable outcomes of every dollar spent in our PMax campaigns.”

JORDAN ROBERSON - Director of Digital Marketing

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Incremental Lift Tests | Measured

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Our robust, award-winning testing tools turn marketing teams into
data-driven powerhouses of actionable insights.

expert level geo-testing

Expert level geo testing made easy

Design, deploy, and analyze a lab-grade matched-market test in minutes.

Never miss a testing opportunity

Never miss a testing opportunity

Measured automatically recommends the tests that are most likely to reveal opportunities for growth.

Get answers to every media performance question

Answer your toughest media performance questions

Wondering how many sales a channel is actually driving. Curious if ad spend is driving more online or offline orders? Want to find the optimal spend level for a specific campaign? Whatever your question, you can answer it with Measured.

Test results you can trust

Test results you can trust

Test more channels, more often with AI-powered test-design that delivers an average confidence score of 98%. Know what to do next with recommended actions in every result.

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"Measured's incrementality approach leads to reliable outputs to inform our media budget decisions."
Noelle Sadler, CMO

Optimize customer retention with 1st party split tests

The Measured customer lift testing technology enables you to split-test your customer base to find the optimal way to increase LTV.

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Measurement calibrated by your test results

Every test your brand deploys automatically updates your measurement model, keeping your reporting and optimization practice accurate and trustworthy.

How brands measure up with Measured

Get expert answers to your testing questions.

Find out about incrementality lift testing and the other benefits of best-in-class media measurement.

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Does your sales lift measure up?

Without Measured, you probably don’t have a truly accurate idea of how your ad dollars are performing. So set up a demo today!

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