Incrementality Measurement for Snapchat Ads

How proven experiments can reveal the true incrementality of Snapchat campaigns

To continuously optimize media for maximum impact, it’s critical that marketers get an accurate read on the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and tactics. Due to inevitable changes in policies, technologies, and consumer behavior, the media attribution methods and measurement solutions available to advertisers are constantly evolving.

Recent restrictions on cookies and cross-device app tracking have caused accuracy issues for traditional attribution methods that require connecting users to clicks along the path to conversion – and they will continue to degrade as more restrictions are enforced. Measuring for incrementality will consistently provide reliable results, despite the increasing limitations on ID resolution and user-level tracking.

This guide from Measured and Snap explains how advertisers can use proven test and control experimentation to discover the incremental contribution of Snapchat campaigns and tactics. Learn how to reveal realiable ongoing insights into media performance and make informed decisions that contiuously improve results.

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