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Are your ready to optimize your media investments for better results?

Many successful Shopify brands like Dermalogica, Faherty Brand, Parachute, Rothy’s, and Vuori, use the Measured platform to validate, plan, test and optimize their media investments.

Measured provides the only media optimization platform powered by incrementality intelligence. Our proven methodology combines your own performance data with results from years of continuous testing, across all channels and tactics, to reveal the true contribution of your advertising spend to incremental sales. Unlike platform reporting and other attribution providers that rely on user-level tracking and data that is no longer reliable, Measured is not impacted by changes to data-privacy policies and regulations.

With this demo, You’ll learn how you can use Measured to:

  • Reveal media performance across all channels and tactics
  • Scale and diversify your media portfolio
  • Answer specific questions with automated incrementality testing
  • Unify and automate reporting workflows
  • Compare costs and performance against leading brands in your industry, and more


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