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What is Omnichannel Marketing and Attribution?

What is omnichannel marketing?
Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel marketing and content strategy designed to create a unified customer experience both online and offline. Omnichannel marketing integrates branding, messaging, product data and sales data to create a customer-centric marketing campaign across various touchpoints, or interactions with your brand, either before, during or after a purchase.  

What is omnichannel attribution?
Omnichannel attribution is a way to measure each marketing channel’s role in driving conversions or purchases. Omnichannel attribution offers a way to determine which online or offline touchpoint influenced a buyer’s decision to make a purchase and the step of the buyer’s journey where this decision happened. Similar to marketing attribution, omnichannel attribution gives credit for a sale or purchase to the appropriate media channel, or channels, responsible for generating the sale, lead or other desired action.  

What are the four qualities of omnichannel marketing?
Four qualities of omnichannel marketing are as follows:


  • Visibility: refers to whether or not your brand is represented across multiple channels including both online and offline while accounting for all of the possible interactions a potential customer has with your brand along the way.
  • Measurement: refers to attribution and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across touchpoints. An omnichannel marketing campaign must be measurable before you can determine whether or not it is achieving the desired outcomes – usually, this means sales, leads or both.  
  • Personalization: omnichannel marketing relies on gathering both online and offline data to create a unique or personalized customer experience for anyone interacting with your brand. Personalization is a pillar of any omnichannel marketing effort as its focus is on one-on-one interactions with your brand and products.   
  • Optimization: any successful omnichannel marketing campaign requires a natural ability to adjust your strategy and budget to meet buyer needs throughout the various steps of the buyer’s journey. This is the final step to delivering a comprehensive shopping experience for your customers using data and metrics to understand your customer’s needs, behaviors and preferences.    

What is omnichannel marketing vs multichannel marketing?
The difference between omnichannel marketing and multichannel marketing is omnichannel marketing is focused on creating and improving the buyer’s experience whereas multichannel marketing’s aim is to reach as many potential customers as possible. Although both omnichannel marketing and multichannel marketing ultimately generate awareness for your brand, omnichannel is focused more on the individual’s journey and interaction with your brand as opposed to targeting a large group of your market.
Deciding on omnichannel marketing vs multichannel marketing is done by evaluating the current state of your overall brand awareness as it relates to consumers. Multichannel marketing is best for initially generating brand awareness while omnichannel marketing refines and nurtures that awareness across different buyer personas. Whether it’s best to target broad audiences and cast a wide net using multi-channel marketing or hone in on different steps of the individual buyer’s journey using omnichannel marketing depends on many factors such as which stage of business you’re currently in.

What is channel attribution in marketing?
Channel attribution in marketing is a subcategory of marketing attribution that tracks marketing channels responsible for conversions or sales. Channel attribution in marketing is an excellent way to gain insights into the effectiveness of various touch points along the buyer’s journey and also allows marketers to accurately budget or allocate resources to those channels responsible for generating high-quality leads or conversions.   

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