A Guide for Creating a Brand Campaign

Kelli Negro, SVP Marketing

Published 02/06/2023

A brand is how people perceive your company, and it embodies who you are and what your company represents. It separates you from the competition and helps cement your company’s products or services in the minds of consumers. 

The ideal way to establish your company’s brand is with a memorable brand campaign. Learn what it takes to create a successful brand campaign strategy for your business. 

What is a Brand Campaign?

Starting a brand awareness campaign creates a memorable presence that people will recognize, giving your brand a unique and positive image. A brand campaign aims to increase brand awareness and improve customers’ perception of your company. It is a way to manage your brand’s story and public reputation and stand out from other competitors. 

Any company that wants to communicate its message needs recognition from its target audience. It only takes about 50 milliseconds for people to judge your brand. 

You can also use branding campaigns between promotions and sales to keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s minds. 

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What is a Successful Branding Campaign?

A successful marketing or branding campaign requires a vision and engaging content. One of the best brand campaigns is Nike’s iconic Just Do It campaign which launched in 1988. This campaign showcased amateur and professional athletes sharing their accomplishments and invited viewers to do the same. 

Nike’s slogan, Just Do It, turned the brand from an athletic store into a household name. Its inspiring message in the campaign led to Nike accounting for 43% of the athletic shoe market and generating $9.2 billion in the first ten years of the campaign. 

How Do You Structure a Brand Campaign?

The basic structure for a successful brand campaign strategy includes the following elements: 

  • Brand marketing objectives and KPIs
  • Relevant customer personas to target during the campaign
  • A clear vision of your brand’s values and messaging
  • Promotional channels to encourage and increase awareness 
  • Measurement and reporting of results with a reliable marketing dashboard

The basic structure for a successful brand campaign strategy


How Do I Start a Brand Awareness Campaign?

Creating a comprehensive brand marketing campaign requires a combination of traditional marketing methods while keeping the customers’ needs in mind. There are a few key factors to consider when creating a brand campaign

Set Clear KPIs and Goals for Success

First, determine brand campaign objectives with all relevant stakeholders in your organization. Since your campaign is focused on creating awareness, you want to know if your customers know about you and remember your brand. 

One KPI you can use to measure brand awareness is sentiment. You can use this metric to find opinions about your brand and what customers say about you online. This allows you to adjust your marketing efforts and product messaging to suit your campaign goals.

Create Customer Personas

To reach your target audience, you must understand who they are and how to interact with them. Your brand campaign is effective when you know your potential customers’ lifestyles, preferences, and habits. 

Take the time to create customer personas that reflect the traits of the buyers you target in your campaign. You can use survey data and information from the historical database from your marketing software to gain insights from your current customer base. 

The personas should include location, job, income, hobbies, and interests. These personas can help your company tailor your content, messaging, and visuals to meet the needs and concerns of your target audience.

Align Your Message and Values for Transparency

Defining your core values and mapping your messages is vital to becoming more transparent with your customers. People want to know what a company does and what it stands for. A 2018 Accenture survey found that 66% of consumers think brands offering transparency are more appealing than price and quality.

Transparency is critical for brands to communicate in a way that’s appealing to their audience. For instance, brands should clearly express their company values and company mission for better transparency. You could celebrate your brand’s founding and how you overcame the challenges that led to its success. Storytelling gives audiences a chance to learn more and connect with your company.

Defining your core values


Develop Creative Content 

Your company can develop a unique and creative concept to attract the attention of your target customers by pinpointing your brand’s visual identity and messaging. For example, you could create a mood board of inspiring images, textures, typography, and colors with your marketing team in consultation with the company leadership. This would communicate the brand's image. 

Content style guides help marketers consistently communicate across platforms by indicating if the tone and voice of your content should be customer-friendly and warm or direct and data-driven. Your brand campaign design can also include the use of bright colors, relevant memes, and references to pop culture to set the mood and share impressions with your customers. 

Rely on Multiple Touchpoints

You can create a cross-platform brand campaign by diversifying the number of media channels to influence potential and current customers. These include television, radio, print, email, and social media platforms. 

Diverse media channels enable brands to reach a broader audience faster. For example, paid advertisements on these platforms allow you to get more people at once than if you posted them on your page. 

Measure Your Results

After you launch your branding campaign, figure out how you can measure the results to determine whether your efforts have been successful. You can use a marketing data warehouse (MDW) for your brand campaign management. It can collect and analyze all the marketing data from all standard and non-standard sources to help you note any insights for future branding campaigns. 

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