What is AI in marketing and how does it work?

Kelli Negro, SVP Marketing

Published 08/09/2022

How is AI used in marketing?
AI is used in marketing to increase the speed and efficiency of certain marketing tasks requiring less human involvement. Artificial intelligence is used for streamlining a range of marketing processes including: 

  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Optimizing ad spending and targeting
  • Creating and managing digital ads
  • Content outlining and topic generation
  • Creating dynamic e-commerce pricing models
  • Increasing conversion rates and marketing ROI

What does AI marketing mean?
AI marketing means harnessing the power of artificial intelligence tools such as algorithms, data models and machine learning to enhance your marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence marketing means using these AI tools to enhance the buying experience through areas such as personalized content, targeted ads based on search and purchase history,  and automated self-service tools among many others.
What is AI in digital marketing?
AI in digital marketing is using artificial intelligence tools to speed up and enhance digital marketing efforts. Examples of AI digital marketing tools include: 

  • Chatbots
  • Predictive and targeted digital marketing content
  • Image recognition software 
  • CRM (Client Relations Management) platforms

What is wrong with AI marketing?
What is wrong with AI marketing is that it relies so heavily on data collection and analysis that it is easily flawed or skewed by poor data collection practices. Insufficient, incomplete or poor-quality data leads to less than desirable results from your AI software programs. This makes the human element all the more important when planning and implementing AI marketing tools, efforts and solutions.

How do you start AI marketing?
To start AI marketing, you must first recognize areas in your marketing efforts in need of speed and optimization. You will want to start by identifying the marketing tasks taking up the most time and bogging your team down. Once you identify these mundane, time-consuming marketing tasks, you can begin to pinpoint artificial intelligence marketing tools to meet your needs, speed up your processes and optimize your efforts. Start AI marketing by looking at specific tasks you want to speed up and optimize.
For example, you may want to automate social media posting, but this is a fairly broad task that includes topic generation, outlining the content and choosing the right keywords to target. In this example, you might want to start implementing artificial intelligence marketing tools designed to handle only one of these specific tasks before expanding into other areas and marketing functions.

How AI is transforming digital marketing?
AI is transforming digital marketing by offering solutions to time-consuming tasks and eliminating the need for human involvement across every step of the marketing process. Artificial intelligence is transforming digital marketing through benefits such as: 

  • Improved SEO (search engine optimization) by organizing and managing content 
  • Enhancing research capabilities and providing greater customer insights (data collection and analysis)
  • Observing, learning and adapting processes to improve customer interactions and understand user requirements

How artificial intelligence will change the future of marketing?
Artificial intelligence will change the future of marketing by helping businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries save time and money while increasing profitability. With AI marketing technologies, marketers can quickly and efficiently spot trends and make future predictions based on past trends.
Marketing professionals can then make smarter decisions centered on areas such as budget allocation, scalability and reducing digital advertising waste. The result is a higher marketing ROI (return on investment), optimized marketing processes and an increased bottom line for investors, shareholders and stakeholders. 

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