Cross Channel dashboard | measured

The ultimate source of truth for ad spend impact

Cross Channel dashboard | measured
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"Working with Measured since 2018, we have seen firsthand the value of their technology and services in optimizing and scaling our media mix."

Alex Faherty, CEO

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Cross Channel dashboard | measured

Cross channel attribution

Powered by our award-winning measurement methodology, Measured’s Cross-Channel Dashboard reveals exactly how many incremental sales are driven by each marketing channel. Track media spend and validate performance in near real-time with confidence.

Cross Channel

Full-portfolio measurement, all in one place

View unified, continuous attribution insights for all paid media, automatically reconciled every day against your brand’s sales data. Drill down and discover the real ROAS for every dollar you spend.

Flexible and easy marketing reporting

Analyze your media at any granularity, across all channels, throughout the entire funnel. Customize your dashboard to track your preferred KPIs (like ROAS, CPO, or sales) and uncover the true value of your ad spend.

Full-portfolio measurement, all in one place

Trustworthy marketing insights

Unite your marketing and finance teams with a common media performance language that connects your marketing spend directly to sales.

confident marketing decisions

Goodbye discrepancies, hello efficiency

In as little as four weeks, get media-driven conversion data tied to your actual sales so you can stop organizing and start optimizing.

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