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Gail Buffington - VP Marketing & Analytics - Soft Surroundings
Soft Surroundings
Gail Buffington,
VP Marketing & Analytics

"The level of partnership we get with Measured is truly top-notch. The team is highly engaged and committed to ensuring success with the product, so I was able to feel completely comfortable with the reliability and accuracy of the data and reporting. The speed with which we’ve been able to gain insights into our marketing decisions has been amazing."

Noelle Sadler - CMO - Lulus
Noelle Sadler,

"Cross channel attribution is a difficult problem to solve. Thankfully Measured's creative approach rooted in incrementality measurement has enabled us to unlock cross channel attribution reporting we can trust to inform our media investment decisions."

Julia Randhawa - VP Marketing - Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone
Julia Randhawa,
VP of Marketing

"Working with Measured for over a year they have proved to be a high value partner to our media planning and optimization practice. The Measured team has world class expertise in cross channel analytics on whom we have relied on to guide our media decisions using their incrementality measurement technology."

Alex Faherty - CEO Faherty Brand
Faherty Brand
Alex Faherty,
Founder & CEO

"Working with Measured since 2018, we have seen first hand the value of their technology and services to optimizing and scaling our media mix. Plus, even more important they are great people dedicated to our success."

Daniel Pahl - VP Media & Acquisition - TechStyle
Daniel Pahl,
Vice President of Media & Acquisition

"Measured has been the most valuable marketing technology partnership we've added in 2020. We now have a trusted comprehensive cross-channel attribution solution, lining up media investment decisions to incremental metrics."

Jay Poropatich - VP Media - Drizly
Jay Poropatich,
Vice President, Media

"One year ago, we assessed our options looking for a partner to help us answer the core question: What is the incremental contribution of our marketing spend? We were less intrigued with legacy MMM and MTA solutions, and now one year later we can confirm we made the right choice partnering with Measured to answer this question."

Jay Sung - CMO - Brentwood & Associates
Brentwood Associates
Jay Sung,

"Measured provides us and our portfolio companies with a trusted common language for finance and marketing to agree on how to best invest in paid media. During the 2020 Covid epidemic they proved to be an invaluable partner helping us navigate a very challenging time in retail."

Rob Trauber - CEO Johnny Was
Johnny Was
Rob Trauber,

"In the first 18 months of working with Measured, we doubled our online business. Measured is a critical partner enabling us to tune into media’s contribution to our growth. We now have a laser focus on the incremental contribution of paid media, providing us the data to make smarter investment decisions."

Daniel Rojas - Global Marketing Director - ABInBev
Anheuser Busch
Daniel Rojas,
Global Marketing Director

"We kicked off with Measured 2 1/2 years ago to help our international DTC brands make smarter cross channel attribution decisions. They have proven to be a high value partner, adaptable to the unique requirements of each brand and region. If you are a DTC brand looking to inform media incrementality, I highly recommend Measured."

Mark Fiske - Operating Partner - Marketing - HIG Growth
HIG Growth
Mark Fiske,
Operating Partner, Marketing

"Measured has solved the cross channel attribution problem through a creative approach anchored on really smart experimentation. Finally, we have a trusted cross channel media reporting tool for our portfolio companies that applies the finance concept of incremental contribution to media portfolio investment decisions."

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