Case Study

Premium Home Goods Brand Finds Paid Search Overvalued by 94%

The Brand:

​​This household-name home goods brand balances exceptional everyday essentials with luxury, sustainability, and thoughtful design. What began as a US-based, direct-to-consumer company has rapidly evolved into a global powerhouse with a number of product lines, brick-and-mortar stores, and passionate customer community.

The Challenge:

As a business born and raised by digital natives, the brand’s marketing team understands the power of online advertising and the importance of connecting media spend directly to business outcomes. Like many cross-channel brands,however, they struggled to get past the limitations of platform-level reporting. The brand’s VP of Growth knew that Google was a valuable channel. But because Google Analytics is better at tracking search conversions than Shopping, she and her team were unclear if both channels were necessary – or if they were cannibalizing each others’ conversions.
The team leveraged the Measured cross-channel measurement tools to evaluate the true value of these Google ad channels. With incrementality testing, they hoped to gain a better understanding of each channel’s true ROAS (return on ad spend), and with that knowledge, drive continued growth.

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