Case Study

Leading Home Goods Brand Uncovers 4.8% Growth Opportunity with Pinterest Incremental Scale Test

The Brand:

This top 10 home goods brand, as ranked by Shopify, has been experiencing hyper growth year-over-year since the introduction of their quality direct-to-consumer products over a decade ago. The brand embodies the epitome of test-and-learn culture, continuously questioning their traditional media practices by experimenting in every channel possible; always validating their media’s true contribution to their business growth.

The Challenge:

As a digital-native DTC brand, the company relies heavily on social media to reach its target audience. Facebook has been particularly successful, but is also becoming more expensive with less reliable reporting. The Director of Customer Acquisition wanted to learn if additional channels could expand the brand’s online presence and deliver greater efficiency and lower cost per order (CPO) than Facebook.
They identified Pinterest as a promising channel for diversifying the brand’s advertising strategy. With a significant budget at stake, however, they hesitated to scale the brand’s ad spend without understanding if Pinterest would perform. Launching a nationwide test would be expensive and complex, but the alternatives – expanding based on guesswork or failing to diversify – were unacceptable options for this data-driven brand.


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