Case Study

Honeylove Increases Pinterest Budget by 2X After Geo Scale Test

The Brand:

Honeylove, “where function meets fashion,” believes that women deserve garments that are as comfortable as they are effective. With a size-inclusive, high-quality line that includes sharewear, intimates, and more, Honeylove empowers women to take up space and have their voices heard.

The Challenge:

The Honeylove team intuitively believed that Pinterest was successfully driving both awareness and purchase, but struggled with how to appropriately value its impact.
Since they were using Pinterest as a largely upper-funnel channel, it was difficult to measure the value of click and view conversions occurring outside of the 7-day click, 1-day view that has become standard on other platforms.
This challenge has only grown with the technical implications of recent privacy rules. While Pinterest, unlike other social platforms like Facebook and Snap, did not reduce its “look back” windows post iOS 14.5, there was healthy debate on the Honeylove team as to how to value these conversions, drumming up several questions:

  • Was it fair to ascribe value to 30-day click or 7-day view conversions that weren’t available on other major social platforms?
  • Does Pinterest truly work as an upper funnel awareness driver and therefore should be considered differently than other mid-funnel acquisition focused social channels?

Without data-driven evidence the team decided to evaluate Pinterest in a similar manner to other major social platforms, on a 7-day click, 1-day view basis. However the team remained determined to both uncover the true value of Pinterest and explore whether conversions occurring outside of this window were truly incremental.

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