Case Study

Hammitt Increases Sales 9% with Media Plan Optimizer from Measured

The Brand:

Founded in 2008, Hammitt makes luxury handbags backed by a lifetime performance guarantee based on quality and sustainability. Hammitt designs celebrate fashion and functionality, and the combination has been a hit: the brand has grown by at least 30% year-over-year for the last five years. Online channels have played a particularly large role in Hammitt’s growth, with their direct-to-consumer sales channel advancing nearly 100% annually.

The Challenge:

Hammitt relies on a broad footprint of digital channels to drive continued growth, including search, display, email, SMS, video, social media, and more. While it was clear that online channels significantly contributed to sales, the team needed help understanding precisely which channels were their top performers and where they may be overinvested. Like many brands, Hammitt struggled to gain actionable insights from each platform. Not only did vendor-reported conversions not reconcile with their sales data, but they frequently led the brand to optimize toward bottom-of-the-funnel tactics such as remarketing and brand search. Like many brands, Hammitt suspected these tactics were not driving new incremental sales, but capturing high-intent consumers who would have purchased anyway.

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