Case Study

Cross-Channel Media Measurement and Reporting Leads to Sales Increase of 53%

The Brand:

Faherty is a family-run American clothing and “about the beach” lifestyle brand operating 12 retail locations. Its products are sold in more than 300 specialty stores from coast to coast as well as through a rapidly growing online business, built on the Shopify ecommerce platform.

The Challenge:

While most of the brand’s rapid growth was fueled primarily through advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Faherty needed to understand whether they had pushed the channels too far. Had they saturated their audiences or was there still room to scale up in Facebook and Instagram?
Faherty also wanted to know how they could fuel continued aggressive growth through a more diversified media mix using other prospecting tactics like catalog, product listing ads (PLA), native, display and others.
Faherty is a lean team on a tight budget. They needed a partner who could help them build and centralize this capability, provide the true incremental contribution of each media tactic and give guidance on how to operationalize the insights within the context of their existing business.

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