Case Study

Shinola Finds the True Value of Facebook Awareness

The Brand:

Founded in 2011, Detroit-based Shinola is a lifestyle brand that celebrates timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship. Shinola watches, leather goods, bicycles, jewelry, and other products are sold both its own brick and mortar shops as well as luxury retail stores around the world. In recent years, the company has successfully reimagined the customer experience, building an engaging ecommerce store that acutely embodies the unique style and premium quality expected of the brand.
When the global pandemic saw consumer shopping shifting almost entirely online, optimizing ecommerce operations and digital marketing became a critical priority for every business. Joel Layton joined Shinola as the Vice President of Ecommerce to lead the digital transformation of the classic American brand. Responsible for all ecommerce, customer acquisition, and digital marketing, he needs ongoing, reliable insight into how Shinola advertising campaigns contribute to sales – so he can make informed media investment decisions that fuel growth for the brand.

The Challenge:

Shinola relies heavily on Facebook ads for acquiring new customers, but the introduction of Apple’s ATT (App Tracking Transparency) and its associated data restrictions created accuracy issues for platform measurement and reporting systems. Significantly constricted attribution lookback windows and a lack of visibility into the actions of a large subset of users resulted in brands observing a sizable dip in the number of conversions being reported by Facebook.
Despite the decline in performance that appeared on platform attribution reports, Shinola knew that Facebook prospecting efforts were still driving sales for the brand – but it was impossible to understand the incremental contribution of media campaigns, without accurate measurement from a trusted provider. Shinola hired Measured to reveal the true contribution of Facebook media investments through unbiased incrementality testing and experiments.

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