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Platform Engineering: Software Architect/ Principal Engineer / Senior Software Engineer


Full Time

Who We Are

Measured helps inform the incrementality of paid media for acquisition marketers to drive cross-channel investment decisions. Its approach is rooted in innovative, always-on experimentation, proven to be the most effective and accurate methodology for determining incremental contribution. Incrementality drives Measured’s cross-channel attribution and decisioning platform. Measured is poweredby a privacy-compliant and quality-controlled marketing data platform provided as a service. Measured is based in Santa Monica and maintains offices in New York, Boston and India.

Job Description

The Measured platform represents the 4th gen evolution in marketing analytics SaaS platforms. It’s packed with “standard” innovations in marketing tech and ad tech over the last 15 years, while pushing the envelope on new frontiers in marketing tech and marketing sciences. We are solving problems across distributed systems, linear/integer programming, state machine algorithms, managing industrial-scale ML models and artfully-crafted-bespoke data science models in one framework, dependency graphs based adaptive systems, SaaS-like database management, managing 100s of 3rd party API integrations, applications in graph theory, artful blending of big data & small data, the list goes on. Lots and lots of original innovation throughout.

The engineering program is setup in an agile and iterative mold, with just-enough-process, maximal creative freedom and ownership to enable you to really express yourself and do the best work of your career.

Many of the engineering team members have a decade and a half of experience architecting machine learning and big data systems, and drove many patented breakthrough innovations that moved the marketing measurement industry into the advanced attribution era.

If you love solving hard real-world problems and have a passion for your craft, you’ll love working with us.

Platform engineering roles: Software Architects, Principal Engineers, Senior Software Engineers

Platform engineering group is responsible for conceiving, building and managing the “middle-tier” of Measured’s cloud platform. Typical responsibilities include: ML automation platforms, identity management, serverless computing, CI/CD infrastructure, rest APIs, micro-services, queuing technologies, pixel technologies, innovative caching techniques, process reliability engineering, adaptive systems, networking in the cloud.

Platform engineering group has roles for engineers at different seniority levels from Software Architects, Principal Software Engineers to Senior Software Engineers.


  • 4+yrs production software experience.
  • BA/BS or equivalent experience.
  • Experience with Cloud platforms, preferably AWS.
  • Experience with design and development in any of these languages: Java / Kotlin / Javascript / Typescript / Python, and desire to learn other languages
  • Understanding of Microservices / serverless stacks with containerized deployments.
  • Experience with relational and NoSQL data stores like MySQL / Postgres or Redshift.
  • Understanding of programming concepts like iterative design, functional and object oriented programming and software design patterns, integration patterns and concepts of scalable architecture.
  • Experience with software development best-practices, including unit testing and continuous delivery.
  • Desire to apply agile development principles in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Strong teamwork and communications