Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your Ad Spend With Incrementality

Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your Ad Spend With Incrementality

Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 07/06/2023

Last week, we held an informative webinar, “Supercharge your ad spend with incrementality,” where we were joined by experts Noelle Sadler Delory (thredUP, Lulus), Andrew Covato (ex-snap, Google, Netflix, Meta), and Nick Stoltz (COO of Measured). 

If you missed it, you still have the opportunity to watch as a veteran CMO and platform measurement consultant dive into the history, methodologies, and applications of incrementality in 2023. 

At a time when iOS 17 and GA4 have the ability to wreak havoc on the marketing attribution landscape, marketers need to ask: How can incrementality testing and attribution optimize my ad spend, while futureproofing my brand against the changes happening? 

Incrementality is a reliable source of truth for measurement, particularly when these changes can cause disruptions in platform data. But the truth is, not all marketers know how incrementality works, where to start, or what solutions are best for their brand. The in-depth webinar will help you understand what solutions are best for you and how to harness the full power of incrementality to master your ad spend and drive revenue. 

Some of the topics covered? A brief history of media attribution methods and how they’re impacted by data privacy, an overview of incrementality testing and attribution, real incrementality measurement insights of top media platforms in 2023, and guidance on how to leverage incrementality in your attribution practice and how it works alongside other attribution solutions like Media Mix Modeling (MMM). 

Watch the webinar now. 

Or, if you’re not convinced just yet, here’s a little sneak peek into the expert’s insights.

Incrementality and Attribution Insights

On different platforms showing attribution to marketers:

“The question should be: How can I measure all of these platforms in an apples-to-apples capacity from an incrementality basis? Ultimately, you have to turn to Geo-testing as a tool to be able to do that. Once you have that capability in your hands, you can pick and choose the parameters. Over time, you understand what parameters work together to generate the most incrementality on each platform for you, the marketer.”

On incremental vs. last click ROAS:

“With something like brand search, where somebody already knows your brand and probably knows what they want, you just made it easy for them to click on that, and then you paid for the click. There are a couple of different ways of handling that; one is to increase your ROAS requirements on some of those channels, just to even things out and level the playing field, but the other is to really get an understanding of, incrementally, did that additional dollar spent bring that additional dollar in?”

On data from platforms:

“This doesn't mean you should throw away everything that you hear from the platforms; I think it’s really helpful from a triangulation perspective, especially as so many changes are happening all the time, to keep an eye on what the historical data has looked like and how it compares to what you're measuring yourself. It’s a good way of understanding if there's a gap that needs to be filled, or if a gap suddenly emerges, understanding why. It's not just about the numbers - it's about why those numbers are happening.”

On testing different tactics:

“Just because something looks like it's not working from a certain perspective once doesn't mean it won't work for your brand in the future. We've tested different tactics with Google, Facebook, YouTube - over a short-term period, and for whatever reason, they didn't work for our brand. So we pause and then go back and test again…and we might see a completely different story, either because the platform has changed, the audience and how they interact with that product has changed, or the product itself has changed to make it better for brands. It's helpful to keep an eye on all of this just to understand what ‘normalized’ looks like for each of the platforms - then what your data is showing you and where the discrepancies are, and how you can either bring them closer together or action on some of those opportunities.”

Download our new  ‘Guide: Incrementality Measurement for Marketers’ today for deeper insights and expert advice on incrementality and attribution.