Webinar Recap: Meta Advantage+: Does it Work?

Meta Advantage

Mihi Joshi, Content Marketing Manager

Published 10/12/2023

Last week, we were pleased to host a webinar on Meta’s new Advantage Shopping Campaigns (ASC). We wanted to uncover the truth behind Meta Advantage+ in 2023 and answer the question on every marketer’s mind: Is it truly living up to the hype?

Experts Andrew Covato (ex-snap, Google, Netflix, Meta) and Ben Dutter (SVP of Strategy, Power Digital Marketing) joined Measured’s Alex Lawrence (Sr. Director, Decision Science) and Clay Cohen (Sr. Director, Product Marketing) to explore the results of over 30 geo tests conducted with top brands. They delved into test findings and offered strategic insights to determine the value of Advantage+ in every marketer’s media mix.

Some questions you’ll find answers to: 

  • What percentage of brands are adopting AI-based channels like ASC and Google’s Performance Max? 
  • What share of wallet has ASC captured compared to Meta overall? 
  • Do Meta’s performance numbers match up with Measured test results??

Other topics covered include valuable tips for investigating Meta (funding campaigns & potential side effects), comparative analysis of how ASC performs against other Facebook channels in driving incremental sales, real-world advice on how our industry experts successfully navigate ASC, and tips on how to set up your ASC campaigns to optimize performance

If you missed this interactive experience, you still have the opportunity to watch as our expert panel navigates the pivotal role of Advantage+: Watch the webinar now.

Or, if you’re not convinced just yet, here’s a little sneak peek into the expert’s insights.

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Advantage+ Insights

On inventory available within ASC:
You dump all the ingredients in the meta ecosystem…and it determines on its own what it thinks is the right assignment of that ad unit at that time. At the end of the day, it’s easier to set up, but it’s harder to optimize and manage from a day-to-day perspective.”

On convenience vs. control:

“The interesting element here is the promise of convenience and potentially better performance - on the other side of that scale, you have the idea that you're potentially giving up some control and ultimately, the reporting can be a bit of a black box.”

On geo-testing for brands:
“Geo-testing is a causal methodology and what that means is that it allows you to scientifically verify or determine the contribution of your different media channels or aggregate of your media channels on a business KPI. By virtue of the fact that you are holding some markets back from seeing ads and comparing the behavior of those markets to ones in which you are continuing to show ads, you can really understand that behavioral difference that's driven by the ads.”

On increasing spend in Advantage+:
“It's worth investing in, and it's worth testing into… Let's say you're spending 100K a month in Meta overall, and you put 5K towards ASC - it's not going to tell you anything. You need to take a bigger bite at the Apple and so the main takeaway is you should test into it, but if you test into it make sure it's at a meaningful number where you actually can get real results out of it.”

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