Incrementality-Powered Media Planning and New Benchmarks Categories

Product Update: Incrementality-Powered Media Planning and New Benchmarks Categories

Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 07/31/2023

We are pleased to announce several exciting new updates to the Measured Platform, designed to provide marketers with even more powerful data analytics capabilities. These updates empower Measured brands to make informed media investment decisions, optimize their portfolio, and drive better results for their business.

Product Update: Incrementality-Powered Media Planning

Media Plan Optimizer Updates

Industry-First Incrementality-Powered Media Planner

Measured’s Media Plan Optimizer now enables Measured users to scenario plan media budgets with incrementality at the campaign-level, ensuring they extract maximum incremental value from every media dollar spent.

New benefits to Measured brands:

  • Planning made easy: Allocate an entire media portfolio for maximum ROAS or lowest CPO in minutes - saved plans will now automatically include recommended spend levels for every campaign.
  • Channel-specific planning: Zoom in and optimize just a single channel, reallocating campaign budgets for maximum incremental ROAS or CPO, then share the output with your channel manager.
  • Find new ways to grow: On average, Measured brands that implemented MPO recommendations increased incremental sales by 8% in 3 months.

Tactic Allocation

Smarter default allocation settings

Media Plan Optimizer now also automatically limits spend increases in non-scalable channels by default. This means spending less time configuring, and more time taking action.

What does this mean for Measured brands?

  • Non-scalable channels are now utilizing the "Optimized (Capped $)" allocation setting by default - they will be optimized without increasing budget.
  • Users can easily override the allocation setting manually using the pencil icon.

New AOV Category Added to Benchmarks

Media Allocation and Performance Benchmarks, Smarter Than Ever

We have introduced the Average Order Value (AOV) category to our CMO-favorite dashboard, Benchmarks. 

What is it? Not only can Measured users see how their brand compares by industry, but now they can track key brand metrics against other brands with similar order values, such as:

  • Spend Allocation
  • Media Incrementality
  • Media Costs
  • Brand Spend and Incremental Revenue

These metrics allow users to further enrich their benchmarking capabilities. In addition to filtering benchmarks by industry, users can now compare their brand's performance against brands with similar AOV. 

How does this benefit marketers using the Measured platform? 

  • By 9:00 AM every Monday, users will have the complete data set for the prior week so that they can analyze performance from Sunday to Sunday.
  • On the first day of each month, users will be able to review the complete data set for the prior month.
  • On the first day of every quarter, users will be able to review the complete data set for the prior quarter.

We hope these are helpful! Stay tuned for more exciting product updates. In the meantime, if you want to see how Measured can help your brand grow, schedule a demo today.