Automated Geo-Test Trafficking and New Data Features

Product Update

Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 10/10/2023

We’re excited to announce another round of new updates and features to the Measured Platform, designed to provide modern marketers with even more powerful data analytics capabilities. 

Automated Geo-Test Trafficking for Pinterest

As we expand our self-service testing capabilities, Pinterest is the latest partner we've added to our fully automated trafficking process. 

What does that mean? The next time a Measured user runs a geo test for Pinterest, they should be sure to ask their Customer Success representative about automated implementation. Say goodbye to manually modifying campaigns to execute tests and use that saved time to grab a coffee instead.

All New Data Export Features

It's important for brands to have streamlined access to their Measured data. Data exports are now faster and easier than ever with the introduction of our all-new data export function.

This easy and intuitive UI-powered tool for exporting granular data processed in our system is now available to all Measured users.

data export

New Feature! Data Freshness Indicator 

Are you wondering when your data was last refreshed? Our new at-a-glance indicator shows users exactly when their data was last updated in the Measured platform.

The indicator shows you the important details of your most recent data update - the time and date when it was last done in our application dashboards. Increased visibility translates into easier and more efficient decision-making for all Measured brands. 

Stay tuned for more exciting product updates! In the meantime, to learn how Measured can help your brand grow, schedule a demo today.