Methodology Update and Testing Enhancements

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Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 04/29/2024

Methodology Update: The Measured Incrementality Model, now with MMM

Following a successful beta testing program with select Measured brands, we are thrilled to announce that media mix modeling is now officially incorporated into media measurement for select channels, and soon to be incorporated into measurement of all channels.


Why is Media Mix Modeling beneficial for our customers?

Channels like influencer, affiliate, radio, audio, and podcasts lack the capability to target specific users or geographies, meaning they are difficult to measure with testing alone. By incorporating MMM into the Measured Incrementality Model, we now offer a holistic, future-proof way for brands to measure and optimize their full-funnel media portfolio. 

This comprehensive methodology means marketers get the best of all worlds: Comprehensive coverage of all media with measurement from their media mix model, with measurement anchored in causality that only testing can provide. Additionally, this methodology enables reporting and optimization both at the macro and micro level, even down to the adset.

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Watch our executive team explain all the new features of the Measured Platform here.

All-New Geo Test Results Dashboard

Our new geo-testing application now includes a revamped results page, making it easier for Measured brands to interpret and take action on their tests.

Insights at a Glance

As a part of our all-new, full automated geo testing application, our updated results dashboard reveals all of the essential testing information, such as the business contribution of the measured tactic, the media holdout or scale amount, and which markets the test was run in. Everything you need to know is right there at your fingertips. 

Moreover, every new geo test will now include a simplified confidence score. The test results page also makes it easy to know how to take action, leveraging the Media Plan Optimizer to show brands clearly whether they should increase or decrease their investment, and by how much.

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Our product updates strive to empower Measured brands with the most comprehensive and seamless platform available in the market. We want to make it easier for brands to make informed media investment decisions, optimize their portfolio, and drive better business outcomes.

To see how the all-new Measured Incrementality Platform can help your brand grow, schedule a demo today.