Navigate the Maze of Budget Planning with Media Plan Optimizer


Brandi Penza, Director, Sales Development

Published 07/24/2023

Imagine standing at the entrance of a vast maze, blindfolded. You're tasked with finding your way to the center, where maximized return on ad spend (ROAS) and increased sales await. The only tools at your disposal? Google Analytics, a web of intricate data, and fluctuating platform performance reports. 

Sounds like an impossible task, doesn't it?

The Challenges of Media Budget Allocation 

Marketers often feel the frustration of increasing complexities as they try to navigate the labyrinth of budget allocation. 

Beyond being armed with a convoluted map of data, you have to allocate resources across various channels while juggling shifting trends and consumer behavior. Manual calculations are time-consuming and error-prone, leading to inefficiencies and wasted resources.

Even with a media budget defined, how can you be certain you’re allocating the money to drive maximum ROAS? Running different scenarios often means burning through precious time and dollars with no guaranteed results - a risky gamble at best.

Measured’s Media Plan Optimizer

Consider the possibility of fine-tuning your marketing investments to maximize incremental returns: This is where Measured's Incrementality-Powered Media Plan Optimizer (MPO) shines.

The Media Plan Optimizer does exactly what the name suggests - optimizes your media mix, either across all channels or just in one, ensuring every dollar you spend drives true business impact. This process can take up to 40 hours, but with MPO, you’re done in 5 minutes.

It acts as your guide in the labyrinth of budget allocation, leveraging data from thousands of real-world marketing experiments to provide data-driven insights to optimize for incremental cost per order (CPO) or ROAS. 

Brands that implement decisions from the Media Plan Optimizer see an 8% incremental sales lift and 20% incremental ROAS lift on average.

How It Works

With Measured's Media Plan Optimizer, you're in the driver's seat, setting the conditions for your journey. 

Select a reference period that mirrors your intended time frame for optimization, and the Media Plan Optimizer allows you to account for variables like seasonality or product sales. You define your target budget, and the planner provides potential sales this investment could generate, maximizing every dollar spent.

You also control the pace of change in your marketing strategy by selecting the optimization strength. You can adjust budget limits for any tactic, giving you the freedom to control your investment boundaries. 

After setting your course, you can review, adjust, and share your results. You'll receive a clear map of your journey, complete with recommended budget allocations, showing you the incremental gains you can expect. 

Highlights of the Media Plan Optimizer 

  • Accuracy: Get the most accurate ROI for each channel, with up-to-date spend recommendations for every marketing tactic in your portfolio. 
  • Flexibility: You set allocation limits and optimization strength based on your specific budget constraints. 
  • Speed: Allocate your entire budget in under a minute and re-run it as many times as needed.
  • Simplicity and convenience: Just input your budget, goals, and preferences and let Measured's Media Plan Optimizer guide you - you’ll be ready to send the final plan to your channel managers for implementation.

But what truly sets Measured's Media Plan Optimizer apart is its focus on incrementality, optimizing every aspect of your media budget allocation for maximum incremental ROAS.

Embrace the Power of Scenario Planning

Measured's Media Plan Optimizer is more than just a tool. It's a scenario planner that simplifies the complex process of media budget allocation by focusing on incrementality. 

Empowering you with data and insights, you can rest easy and make informed decisions to drive your brand’s success. And with its unique focus on incrementality, Measured's Media Plan Optimizer doesn't just simplify media budget allocation - it revolutionizes it.

Navigating the maze of media budget allocation doesn't have to be a solitary, frustrating journey. With the right scenario planner, it can be a strategic, data-informed process that fuels your marketing success. 

Embrace the power of scenario planning today with Measured's Media Plan Optimizer.